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Microsoft apparently botched the timing on a Windows 10 Anniversary update planned for August 2.

The company made an announcement on its blog this morning, and promptly removed it minutes later.

The URL tells the story—a new update is coming August 2—and it’s likely that the story went live prematurely. Here is the now “broken” link.

The likelier scenario is that Microsoft is framing the news as a broken embargo to generate early buzz.

Usually releasing news early is a tremendous PR gaffe. News types are compelled to pounce on the mistake, hoping to parlay information not ready for the public into breaking news.

The date was the only information on the short-lived Microsoft blog announcing the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

The tech news media is left to speculate on the contents of the Anniversary edition, first announced at this year’s Build conference. Some highlights:

  • New stylus features with Windows Ink the Ink Workspace
  • New APIs for inking tools
  • Ubuntu Bash support
  • Biometric authentication for apps and browsers
  • Smooth switching between virtual desktop and touch screen

The August 2 Windows 10 Anniversary would mark the first update after the cutoff for free Windows 10 updates for Windows 7 and Windows 10 users.

After July 29, 2016, Windows 10 Home will cost $120, and licensing for Windows 10 Pro will retail at $199. If you are holding out on making the upgrade you’re not alone—but time is running out if you want to make the jump for a lesser cost.

Earlier this month I had a little fun identifying the seven types of Windows 10 holdouts. Maybe you fit the profile of one them.

Personally, I updated from Windows 7 to Windows 10 last week at my office. The transition has been smooth so far from the user’s perspective. I have not yet figured out how to sort files by date, though.

I also documented this from the perspective of IT as well. Read about it here: the IT testimonial for a Windows 10 migration in a medium size office.

In any case, expect a new look on August 2 when the Windows 10 Anniversary update will likely arrive.

Botched Intro for Windows 10 Anniversary Update is Well Played PR
Article Name
Botched Intro for Windows 10 Anniversary Update is Well Played PR
Microsoft frames the news as a broken embargo to generate early buzz for Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
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