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Platinum Rewards

Purchases to $20,000+

  • 2 BizPoints for every $2.
  • All benefits from GOLD-level membership PLUS...
  • Hassle-free RMAs with FREE return shipping and advanced replacements.
  • No restocking fees (on eligible items).
  • Saturday deliveries 50% off (online orders only).
  • Free return shipping labels for Newegg Direct items.
Gold Rewards

Purchases to $5,000+

  • 1.5 BizPoints for every $2.
  • All benefits from SILVER-level membership PLUS...
  • FREE shipping on eligible orders of $500+.
  • FREE rush processing on expedited orders.
Silver Rewards

Purchases up to $4,999

  • 1 BizPoint for every $2.
  • Members-only access to exclusive offers and promotions.


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(Including value-added resellers, wholesalers, system integrators and retailers)
are ineligible to register for the rewards program.**
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**Rewards Program membership is reserved for businesses and organizations that utilize the products they purchase from and do not resell them. If you are not within one of the aforementioned reseller categories and do not intend to resell products that you purchase from, you are eligible to register for the Rewards Program if you have a registered merchant account with If you do not already have a merchant account, you can register for an account here.