• Features:
    Cleaner Air with Turbo Cyclone Technology: Clean the air around you from 99.99% of dust, pollen, smoke, odors, and pet dander. Equipped with the cylindrical 360° air intake and HEPA 13 activated carbon filter so you can start breathing clean air wherever you are.
    Air Quality Sensor: Equipped with intelligent sensors to detect the current air quality. Green for good air quality, blue for poor air quality, and red for bad air quality.
    Essential Oil Diffuser
    Sleek & Lightweight Design: The O2 air purifier weighs 0.5lbs so its portable and sleek to take with you anywhere. It can power on horizontally or vertically, which ever position fitting your needs.
    Low Noise Levels (37-48db Full Speed): Grab and go with the O2 to take in your car, library, office, and many other quiet spaces without disturbing those around you.

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