• Any angle. You pick.

    With its patented ball joint you can lock in the perfect camera angle.

    Get creative.

    We know your installations can present new mounting challenges. ADA Camera Mount enables you to mount your favorite camera to most any surface, right-side-up, or inverted.

    Cable management included.

    Optionally pass Huddlys USB-C cable through your wall without hassle. Just route the cable through a 1/2-inch hole. Our mount trims and hides the hole.

    ADA compliance built-in.

    Safely install at any height in any location. ADA Camera Mount is carefully designed to prevent your camera from protruding more than four inches from the wall.

    Above, below, or beside.

    Achieve the best view of your audience for each room. Install your Huddly GO or Huddly IQ above, below, or besides your displays then set the perfect camera angle.