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The latest in Athena Power’s mini-server product line, the RM-1U100DM rackmount chassis is designed for small businesses and for mobility for all IT system integrators. This ultra-compact chassis offers one 5.25" open bay to support up to four hot swappable 2.5” HDDs. You can also daisy chain multiple chassis for expanded usage. The high-efficiency chassis is compatible with a Flex ATX power supply from 250- to 400W. Four 40mm fans provide the ultimate cooling performance, while the filter cleaner reduces dust buildup to keep the interior clean.

Saving space and doubling the server power

With its reduced depth size, this 1U rackmount is perfect for saving space. The size of this rackmount chassis is viable for a mini-ITX motherboard. Additionally, server towers usually can only maintain one 1U rackmount at a time, but with the 1U100D’s daisy chain capabilities, one server tower slide can hold up to two mini ITX rackmounts at the same time.

Hot SWAP Capabilities

The RM-1U100D comes with a 5.25” open bay and is compatible with the BP-425SAS and BP-425SAC, allowing support for up to four 2.5” HDDs that are hot swappable. This allows server administrators and system engineers extra mobility, so they can be flexible with their needs.


Athena Computer Power also offers combinations of this ITX rackmount and a FLEX ATX Power Supply ranging from 250- to 400W. By incorporating a reliable case with an efficient 80PLUS certified power supply, this combination is truly ideal.

Up to four ball bearing fans

The 1U100DM comes with four 40mm front exhaust fans. They will keep your server cool by distributing a cool air flow onto your motherboard and the rackmount’s hard drive as well.

Filter Cleaner

This rackmount chassis includes an easier way to clean up gathered up dust and dirt that may hinder your server tower. The filter is strategically placed in front of the dual fans, just behind the front bezel of the rackmount chassis. This filter reduces the cleanup time and any messes that may gather in the rackmount chassis; the filter is also washable.