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WiebeTech® 31550-0109-0000 Drive Erazer thoroughly wipes data from a used or infected SATA or PATA drive. Whether you're concerned about any residue information when you throw out an old drive, or if you're reprogramming a drive for a new user, the WeibeTech hard drive eraser is both efficient and user-friendly. Ensure that all of your important personal information is completely pulled off of computers you use at work and at home. 

LCD Menu Makes Operation Easy and Intuitive

WiebeTech 31550-0109-0000 Drive Erazer features a printer output to connect the device to a printer to create hard copies of reports. A backlit LED screen provides a full menu display to help you review your status. The menu includes five status reports including found errors to notify you of progress. A range of erase modes provide different levels of security and customization. Its USB interface allows you to plug in a SATA drive easily. 

Stand-Alone Drive Eraser for SATA and PATA Hard Drives 

Because of the easy-to-use interface, you don't need a second computer to operate the functionality successfully. This negates the need for additional software to erase your hard drive and frees up your current machine for other applications.