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The Kaybles SVGA-MM-6FT Super Shield cable connects your PC or older laptop to a high-resolution VGA monitor. Ferrite cores near the connectors cut down on electromagnetic interference. It can handle both extended and analog SVGA resolutions for premium flexibility for gaming, watching video streams and other high-definition images and web content.

High-Quality Male to Male SVGA Cable

Three dedicated cables support RGB (red, green, blue) for premium image quality. Kayble's 6-foot SVGA cable supports a resolution 1024x768 and up. Double-shielded coaxial conductors with ferrite cores provide maximum insulation to cut down on blurry and ghosted images. Gold-plated connectors resist corrosion, rust and wear. 

User-Friendly Connections for Fast and Easy Installation  

Each male connector includes thumbscrews on either side to make hooking this SVGA Cable with dual ferrite cores easy to connect so you're up and running almost instantly. Threaded treads give you a grip and for easy and fast tightening. The thumbscrews also ensure a secure connection so nothing interrupts your work, web browsing or gameplay. This Kayble male to male SVGA cable also supports connections to other VGA peripherals including a VGA splitter and graphics cards.
Male-to-Male SVGA Cable

This premium SVGA monitor cable is designed to handle analog SVGA and extended SVGA resolutions. It has two HD15 male connectors, letting you easily connect your high-resolution monitor to a PC. It provides the highest video quality possible through SVGA, ideal for a wide range of high-resolution SVGA applications (1024x768 and above).

Premium construction for superior signal quality

Constructed from high-quality UL certified double-shielded 28AWG coaxial conductors for the RGB signals and paired video wire constructions, this cable features superior signal integrity design for minimal signal distortion, loss, and ghosting. Its gold-plated connectors provide smooth, corrosion-free connections, while the ferrite cores and foil-and-braid shield minimize the EMI and RFI interference.

Easy installation

Thanks to the included thumbscrews, you can effortlessly install the cable in a snap. It’s plug and play. Once each end is connected to a compatible device, it’s ready to work.