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The Kaybles SVGA-MM-10FT is a high-quality SVGA monitor cable for connecting your high-resolution VGA monitor to your PC. This double-shielded coaxial cable eliminates picture ghosting and fuzzy images, and provides superior EMI interference protection by using ferrite cores near the connector ends. Plus, this plug-and-play cable is easy to install.

Male-to-Male SVGA Cable

This premium SVGA monitor cable is designed to handle analog SVGA and extended SVGA resolutions. It has two HD15 male connectors, letting you easily connect your high-resolution monitor to a PC. It provides the highest video quality possible through SVGA, ideal for a wide range of high-resolution SVGA applications (1024x768 and above).

Premium construction for superior signal quality

Constructed from high-quality UL certified double-shielded 28AWG coaxial conductors for the RGB signals and paired video wire constructions, this cable features superior signal integrity design for minimal signal distortion, loss, and ghosting. Its gold-plated connectors provide smooth, corrosion-free connections, while the ferrite cores and foil-and-braid shield minimize the EMI and RFI interference.

Easy installation

Thanks to the included thumbscrews, you can effortlessly install the cable in a snap. It’s plug and play. Once each end is connected to a compatible device, it’s ready to work.