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The Nippon Labs SVGA-50MF is a high-quality SVGA cable to extend VGA video signals to a distantly placed VGA monitor. This double-shielded coaxial cable eliminates picture ghosting and fuzzy images, and provides superior EMI interference protection by using ferrite cores near the connector ends. Plus, this plug-and-play cable is easy to install.

Male-to-Female SVGA Cable

This premium SVGA monitor cable is designed to handle analog SVGA and extended SVGA resolutions. It has one HD 15 male connector at one end, and one HD 15 female connector at the other end, letting you extend VGA video signals without burning a hole in your pocket. Moreover, it can be used for runs of up to 50 feet without the typical degradation associated with long runs.

Premium construction for superior signal quality

Constructed from high-quality UL certified double-shielded 28AWG coaxial conductors for the RGB signals and paired video wire construction, this cable features a superior signal-integrity design for minimal signal distortion, loss, and ghosting. Its gold-plated connectors provide smooth, corrosion-free connections, while the ferrite cores and foil-and-braid shield minimize the EMI and RFI interference.

Easy installation

Thanks to the included thumbscrews, you can effortlessly install the cable in a snap. It’s plug and play. Once each end is connected to a compatible device, it’s ready to work