HighPoint RocketU 1244A

The RocketU 1244A is the industry's fastest USB Host Controller. Each of the four USB Type-A ports is fully independent, and powered by a dedicated 10Gb/s USB 3.2 controller chip, backed by a robust PCIe 3.0 x8 host interface. This unique host controller architecture ensures each hosted USB device can operate at peak performance without saturating the bus or taxing system resources.

  • Dedicated PCIe 3.0 x8 Host Interface
  • Ideal for professional-grade, High-Speed Data Acquisition & Transfer Applications
  • 4 USB-Type A ports support any industry-standard USB device or peripheral
  • 1000 MB/s of transfer bandwidth per USB port
  • Driverless Installation: Native xHCI Support

Dedicated Per-Port Performance Architecture

4x 1000MB/s Transfer Bandwidth

Unlike most USB controllers in today’s marketplace, the RocketU 1244A supports four independent USB Type-A ports, each of which is powered by a dedicated USB 3.2 10Gb/s controller.

This unique Per-Port Performance architecture enables each RocketU 1244A to deliver up to 4000MB/s of transfer bandwidth.

HighPoint RocketU 1244A

Blazing Fast PCIe 3.0 x8 Host Interface

The blazing fast PCIe 3.0 x8 host interface works in tandem with our Per-Port Performance architecture to ensure each individual USB port can deliver 1000MB/s of transfer bandwidth at all times, even in cases where each port is occupied and under heavy load.

Dedicated USB Controllers Provide Independent Device Paths & Power Delivery

The RocketU 1244A’s four dedicated USB 3.2 controllers enable each port to work independently and deliver up to 7.5W of power for device operation or charging purposes. The innovative PCB layout provides a dedicated USB connection pathway for each port; hosted USB devices can operate at peak performance, without the risk of interference by neighboring USB connections.

Ideal for High-Speed Data Acquisition & Capture Applications

The RocketU 1244A's performance-focused HBA architecture was designed for workflows that demand ease of integration, hot-plug capability, and rapid file transfer. The four independent 1000MB/s USB ports and PCIe 3.0 x8 host interface can easily accommodate a wide range of high-speed data acquisition applications, including imaging and capture solutions, security systems, and media archiving.

USB Cameras & Imaging/Capture Devices

HighPoint RocketU 1244A

Media Processing & Archiving

HighPoint RocketU 1244A

HighPoint RocketU 1244A 4x 1000MB/s PCIe 3.0 x8 USB Host Controller

HighPoint RocketU 1244A

Universal Device Compatibility

Works with any industry-standard USB 2.0/3.2 Gen1/3.2 Gen2 Device.

HighPoint RocketU 1244A

Dedicated USB 10G Connectivity

The RocketU 1244A features four dedicated 1000MB/s USB ports.

HighPoint RocketU 1244A

The Rocket 1244A is Thunderbolt compliant, and can be installed into PCIe expansion chassis, such as the RocketStor 6661A.

HighPoint RocketU 1244A

xHCI CompliantDriverless

Installation: The RocketU 1244A is natively supported modern operating systems.

HighPoint RocketU 1244A

Ultra-High Performance:

Dedicated PCIe 3.0 x8 Bus-Bandwidth.

HighPoint RocketU 1244A

USB Device Charging

RocketU 1244A can be used to charge USB compliant devices.

Universal Compatibility

RocketU 1244A controllers can be installed into any computing platform with an industry-standard PCIe 3.0 or 4.0 x8 or 16 slot. The four independent USB Type-A ports support any industry-standard USB 2.0/3.2 Gen1/3.2 Gen2 device, including USB drives, cameras, printers, capture devices and peripherals.

HighPoint RocketU 1244A