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With Aluratek ADS02F, you can share or extend your DVI video to multiple monitors. Setup is fast and easy--just plug-in the included DVI cable from your computer's DVI output to the video splitter's input and connect each monitor to the splitter directly and you are all set. ADS02F has a high bandwidth of 350MHz to support high quality video and resolution of up to 1900x1200. It is also daisy-chainable to support more monitors. This is great for trade shows, seminars, and stores.

Extend Your Desktop

Extend your desktop with high-resolution dual display support. The DVI splitter supports Mirror mode with widescreen monitor resolutions up to 1900x1000. View applications and data simultaneously across multiple screens.

Simple to Use

The DVI splitter is completely plug-and-play, hot-swappable, and hot-pluggable, with no driver installation needed. Connect the DVI output from your computer to the DVI IN port of ADS02F with the included DVI cable. Then connect the DVI output of the video splitter to each monitor using the monitor's cables (not included). In no time, you will able to share or extend the distance of your DVI video to multiple monitors.