This high-resolution VGA splitter offers a practical solution for high-res, multi-screen presentations. It  allows a VGA video signal to be broadcast from a computer to up to 16 VGA monitors simultaneously. It is ideal for classrooms, tradeshows, in-store displays, or any application where high-quality video on multiple monitors is required. It supports displays with up to 400 MHz of video bandwidth, and high-resolution applications up to 2048 x 1536. The high-resolution VGA splitter features a built-in booster circuit that allows monitors to be located up to 210 feet away from the host system, ensuring high-quality VGA video even at greater distances.

Designed for simplicity and convenience, the VGA splitter offers easy plug and play installation. A completely hardware-based solution, the VGA splitter requires no software operation, which saves both time and hassle.

Multiple-Screen Display

Multiple screens let you communicate your message to large audiences with greater impact.

Excellent Picture Quality

The StarTech ST1216PRO is guaranteed to maintain signal strength for crisp, sharp imaging.

Signal Amplification

Doubling as a signal amplifier, the StarTech ST1216PRO boosts display range by up to 210 feet (65 meters).