What is this?
The Telephone Handset Cord used between the telephone and the handset, effectively extend the phone line, mainly used for home or office landline phones

What will I get?
The Telephone Handset Cord provides here,
Fit RJ9 plug 4P4C
Color: Grey
Telephone Handset Cord Length: 4 Meter / 13.12 Feet
In the package of: 1 Pack x Telephone Handset Cord
Is there any advantages of the product?
The RJ9 plug is for most telephone sockets, and the signal transmission is stable to ensure smooth calls. and effectively prolong the service life of the phone

How to use it?
Steps of intallation:1.Plug the other end of the Phone Handset Cord into the phone holder. 2. Plug the other end of the Telephone Handset Cord into the phone

What should I notice?
Before purchasing, please confirm whether the plug type of the telephone handset is correct