It offers complete control over the cooking process-unmatched by other cooking techniques. With a digital touchscreen- you can quickly and easily set the desired cooking temperature and time for precise doneness- everytime. Using a vacuum-sealed bag will allow for ultimate moisture retention- ensuring perfect texture and tenderness from edge to edge. Features The sous-vide immersion circulator cooker brings professional cooking techniques to your home Immersion Circulation Precision Sous-Vide Cooker with Digital Touchscreen Display
Temperature Control: Easily set the desired temperature for perfect doneness of the food
Ideal For Any Food: The sous-vide cooker is ideal for meals- vegetables- seafood and even desserts
Unparalleled Flavor &
Amp Moisture Retention: Using vacuum-sealed bag will ensure perfect moisture and tenderness as well as incomparable flavors
Control Panel: The backlit digital touchscreen is made for effortless and smooth use
Set And Forget: Once the timer and temperature has been set- you can sit back and relax while the cooker works its magic
Specifications Color: Black
& Silver Weight: 4.3 lbs