Deliver premium-quality posters that make a lasting impact with a 6-color, 36-inch large format printer with newly developed fluorescent pink ink.

Boost your business marketing with visuals that make a statement
Bring your marketing materials to life with the world 's first aqueous pigment large-format inkjet printer, incorporating fluorescent color expression for a dynamic finish with easy poster-creation tools.

Vibrant neon colors
Stand out from the competition, with the vibrant fluorescent pink ink, adding neon expression to your poster design for an eye-catching finish.

Simple design software
Embrace the power of customisation with easy-to-use design software, including new PosterArtist 3.4 with new templates and stock photo resources.

Free-size borderless printing
Free-size borderless printing makes poster production easier than ever before, with high-precision paper edge detection supporting prints of all sizes.

Direct to print
Built-in HDD allows to reprint saved data easily, plus JPG/PDF images can be printed directly from a USB memory.

Compact design
Maximise available office space with a small footprint printer that fits flat against the wall to offer full front usability, perfect for smaller offices.

Security assured
Have confidence in your data security with PIN-accessed Security Print feature, plus built-in secure file erasure function, preventing information leakage or loss.