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XtremPro Webcam Cover Shield for Mac- MacBook Pro- iMac- Laptop- Surfcase Pro- Phone- 0.03 in Ultra Thin Camera Blocker Shield - Black / Silver.Why do I have to cover my webcamWe face a webcam every time we use a laptop. It's possible to take videos and photos without our consent. You can find victims and news articles about webcam hacking. CEOs of the social media company and a director of FBI also cover their webcam- highlighting the importance of webcam covers. It seems to be a little pricey. Why is it so It was produced using CNC (Computer Numeric Control) design where computer programming is used in prototyping and full production for cutting- carving- machining and milling aluminum.
Aluminum Webcam Cover
The thickness of a credit card - 0.8mm
Easy to install- smoothly open and close
2 color different colors (Black and Silver)
Webcam cover - a new concept accessory for laptop
Luxurious and aesthetic beauty and slide-type movabilitySpecifications
Weight: 0.02 lbs