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3.5” SAS HDD HAS5300

Enterprise-grade SAS HDDs for Synology systems

Engineered for top performance and reliability in Synology systems

Unmatched integration with DSM and Synology hardware enables HAS5300 SAS hard drives to reliably deliver class-leading performance in enterprise deployments. HAS5300 drives have passed 200,000 hours of rigorous testing on Synology hardware, and feature a 2.5M-hour MTTF.



Up to 274 MB/s sustained data transfer1



Up to 27% faster drive repair in Synology NAS2



Rated for 2.5 million hours MTTF



Firmware updates through DSM



The HAS5300 series drives leverage the low-latency SAS protocol. When paired with high-performance and highly scalable Synology SA or UC series solutions, they ensure that mission-critical workloads always have access to dependable and fast storage.


Back to peak performance faster

Building on two decades of storage expertise, Synology HAS5300 drives run on firmware optimized for critical workloads that matter. They allow Synology systems to repair degraded RAID arrays up to 27% faster than similar-class and capacity drives.

Storage that stands the test of time



Rigorous tests and compatibility verification3 ensure maximum reliability on Synology systems, even while handling the most extreme workloads.


Simplified maintenance

Drive firmware updates are shipped together with DSM updates, easing the burden on IT teams and ensuring your drives are always running the latest firmware versions.



A 2.5 million-hour MTTF4, support for up to 550 TB per year workloads, and persistent write cache technology come together to safeguard data integrity.

1. Maximum sustained data transfer speed of HAS5300-16T drives.
2. Performance testing was conducted by Synology using 12 drives on an SA3600, configured using RAID 5 and a Btrfs file system, against similar capacity (12TB) and class (Enterprise) drives. Results are for reference only. Actual performance may vary depending on workload, testing methods, and how devices and software are configured.
3. Among the HAS5300-8T, HAS5300-12T, and HAS5300-16T drives, over 200,000 hours of tests have been conducted on SAS-compatible Synology devices to ensure compatibility and performance expectations of these drives when used on Synology solutions.
4. Mean Time to Failure (MTTF) is not a guarantee or estimate of product life; it is a statistical value related to mean failure rates for a large number of products which may not accurately reflect actual operation. Actual operating life of the product may be different from the MTTF and is affected by environmental and usage conditions.