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Best for Business
In today’s demanding business environment, there is a growing need for reliable, high-speed storage partnered with manageable, robust security features. The Intel® Solid State Drive Pro 5400s Series is designed to meet business needs by enabling blazing fast performance and simultaneously upgrading a system’s security and manageability profile.

The Intel SSD Pro 5400s Series is available in capacities ranging from 120GB to 1TB in thin 2.5-inch and ultra-sleek M.2 form factors, to support all business client needs.

Support Industry Standards
The Pro 5400s Series delivers support of the Trusted Computing Group’s Opal 2.0* protocol and Microsoft* eDrive.

Manage Remotely
Improve IT efficiency were it matters most. The Pro 5400s Series works seamlessly with Intel® Active Management Technology and industry-leading software vendors to enable remote password management and proactively monitor drive health and performance.

Repurpose a Drive Easily
Reduce administrative costs and reinvest your IT time in higher priorities through the use of Pro 5400s Series that support Intel® Remote Secure Erase as your solution of choice. When a PC is retired or repurposed, information security policies often require data be “wiped” from the drive. Wiping can be difficult and time consuming. An Intel® Remote Secure Erase-based solution provides the IT administrator a way to wipe out all data, allowing for immediate reuse while saving significant administrative time and costs. Unique to this solution is the capability to complete the secure erase independent of a functioning OS while being fully integrated with a familiar IT management console.

Charge Your Device Less Often
The Pro 5400s Series reduces idle consumption by >90% over a typical hard drive disk reducing power consumption from watts to milliwatts.1 When coupled with a 6th generation Intel® Core™-based platform, the advanced power mode settings reduce power consumption another order of magnitude—from milliwatts to microwatts.

Performance that Matters
The Pro 5400s Series is architected to optimize performance for a 70%/30% 4KB random read/write mixed work load, the most utilized workload across common applications—delivering performance where it matters.

Best for Business
Enterprise-Ready Security and Manageability. The Intel® SSD Pro 5400s Series delivers power efficient performance with enterprise-ready security and manageability.