4K Ultra-HD Commercial TV for a Far-Reaching Impact
4K Ultra-HD Commercial TV for a Far-Reaching Impact
4K Ultra-HD Commercial TV for a Far-Reaching Impact

The Sharp PN-UH701/UH601 Commercial TV amplifies advertising messaging for various settings including hospitality, business and retail. With 4K Ultra HD resolution, it delivers crystal-clear images and videos to capture audience’s attention. Built-in speakers ensure your messages are heard as clearly as seen. Together with enhanced connectivity, easy control, and 16/7 operation, it is a dependable, easy-to-operate solution.

Superb 4K Image Quality

With four times the pixel resolution of full HD, the PN-UH701/UH601 displays bring out all of the color depth, detail and clarity that the content creator intended. With videos and photos displayed at up to 4K Ultra HD, you get to see subtle textures and fine details not visible at full HD resolution. The high pixel count means there’s no need to worry about jaggies, even on such a large screen.

B2B Features for Ultimate Control

Business owners can easily manage the functionality of the PN-UH701/UH601 commercial LCD displays due to their many user friendly features. They include a powerful RS-232C command set, which permits flexible remote control capabilities from connected devices. In addition, displaying still images or videos couldn’t be easier with the USB port. Business owners will also appreciate optimal content control with added lockout features including IR Remote, Power, Channel, Volume, Input, OSD disable, and LED disable. All this with 16/7 reliability.

Bigger Screen, Slimmer Bezel

Fit more screen in less space with the PN-UH701/UH601. Streamlined for a pleasing appearance and minimal protruding parts, this monitor weighs only 76.1/55.2 lbs. A bezel thickness* of just 29/64" and 7 /16" makes for easy placement in offices, public places, stores and other commercial establishments.

* PN-UH701: 29/64" (right/left), 7 /16" (top), 5 /8" (bottom**); PN-UH601: 7 /16" (right/left/top), 5 /8" (bottom**) /p>

** Excluding protruding indicator panel

4K Ultra-HD Commercial TV for a Far-Reaching Impact
Enhanced Connectivity

Two HDMI inputs let you connect multiple HD sources, including digital signage and cable boxes. A powerful RS-232C command set enables flexible remote control from connected devices. And a built-in USB port lets you present a variety of digital content. Simply insert a USB memory device into the monitor and the built-in media player starts playing your photos, music and videos right away.

Built-in Speakers for Powerful Audio

Powerful 10 W speakers deliver high-fidelity audio, so all of your scenes sound as good as they look.

A Visual Boost to Presentations

Add impact to your business presentations by connecting your PC to the PN-UH701/UH601 displays. Text, graphs, pictures and tables can all be displayed in stunningly detailed 4K Ultra-HD resolution.

Public Mode

If you select Public Mode via the remote controller, operational controls are disabled on the PN-UH701/UH601 itself. This prevents unwanted adjustments by people in public locations such as stores and restaurants.