The Seiko SLP 650SE direct thermal label printer efficiently and quickly creates saturated and sharp images directly on easy-to-peel labels. The small desktop label printer measures only 4.48x5.83in. (11.37x14.8cm), so it's compact enough to sit on desks, in your package room or on conference registration tables. 

Seiko SLP 650SE Direct Thermal Label Printer Supports the Workflow of a Busy Office

Its automatic cutting feature increases your efficiency even more. Simply print and peel to save time. Resolutions of up to 300 dpi ensure that each image is legible and barcodes scan every time. Seiko's thermal label printer outputs at 3.94in. per second to keep your staff productive. Media is also easy to load, allowing for maximum output with minimal training or supervision. The barcode and label printer can print at widths of up to 2.28in. so you can create unique labeling for file folders, prepaid postage stickers and other specialty labeling.

Compatible with Various Applications

The Seiko 300 dpi label printer includes operating software compatible with the entire Microsoft® Office suite, enabling you to print directly from spreadsheets and documents. The USB interface allows for fast and intuitive setup. Additionally, direct thermal label printers do not require special ink cartridges or costly refills, further reducing out-of-pocket monthly supply cost.