Say Goodbye to boring hot dogs. SLOTDOG has a grid of stainless steel blades that create perfect criss-cross slots in your hot dog. The slots expand while cooking allowing smoke, grill flavor, seasonings and rubs to penetrate deeper. Juices caramelize on the edges for a crispy bite. Plus, the slots grab hold of your toppings with a Kung-Fu grip. Cleaning is easy as it's even dishwasher safe! Just Push, Pull and Grill! Push SLOTDOG down on your skinless fridge temperature* hot dog with an end to end rocking motion until the blades cut to your desired depth. Pull the hot dog away from the blades carefully and repeat on the other side. Using SLOTDOG on both sides will prevent curling when cooking. Grill and watch the slots expand as the hot dog cooks, creating crispy caramelized juicy squares that grab hold of your toppings. Delicious fun for all ages. Your SLOTDOG hot dogs will be the hit of your next grilling party. , *For best results use only on cold and firm skinless (no casing) hot dogs right from the fridge. Not intended for use on cased/skin-on hot dogs, sausages or bratwursts. For a list of recommended brands please visit www. SLOTDOG. com. ,.