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Ubiquiti UniFi® Cloud Key Gen2. Brand NewIncludes One Year Limited Warranty.. Product # UCK-G2.. The Ubiquiti UniFi® Cloud Key Gen2 is an integrated computer and software controller for all UniFi® devices with the ability and agility to connect up to 50 UniFi® devices. Using Bluetooth, the Cloud Key easily sets up with UniFi mobile applications and then the entire network is at the fingertip. It operates on the UniFi controller and also adds the feasibility of Hybrid Cloud Technology hence providing a secure and private cloud storage for all the network information.

At the same time, it also provides access to all the network UniFi deployments from anywhere through a secure, private SSO (Single Sign-On)... UniFi® Cloud Key Gen2 has an 8-Core, 2.0GH z ARM processor supported by a 2 GB RAM and a storage of 32 GB in the form of eMMC memory. The miniature device comes a front panel display to shows important network status information. It allows both 802.3 af PoE or USB-C for power connection while it also adds a battery in its hardware in case of power failures, providing automatic safe shutdown.

.. UniFi® Cloud Key Gen2