WorkFit Corner Standing Desk Converter

Reduce strain on your body during long sedentary work with this WorkFit Corner Standing Desk Converter. It stably holds your large single or dual monitors and boasts the largest keyboard tray of any WorkFit. Easily adjust between sitting and standing to enjoy flexible working positions.

Product Features

Corner design

Moves without bumping into cube or office walls

Quiet adjustment

Offers 15" (38 cm) of smooth vertical lift to keep your space flexible

Stable platform

Solid metal design lets you avoid tipping or sway

More workspace

Fits two large monitors, plus a large keyboard

Easy motion

Adjusts between sitting and standing with hand-brake levers

No assembly

Out-of-the-box design gets you standing in minutes


WorkFit Corner

  • Notched worksurface fits flush against any 90-degree cube or office corner desk to make the most of previously unusable space
  • Easily modifies an existing corner cube or office space without the cost of expensive professional installers
  • Wide worksurface keeps notes, three-ring binders and papers in full view while working
  • Largest keyboard tray of any WorkFit fits a variety of keyboard and mouse options
  • Extremely stable and solid platform fits surfaces as shallow as 24" (61 cm)