Convert any image or PDF into searchable and compressed PDF files in just a click!

IRISCompressor lets you effortlessly turn any image, photo, or scanned document into new PDF document up to five times smaller in size. You can also quickly combine multiple files into a single PDF document. The new searchable PDF file helps you easily find the exact information you are looking for from tons of archived documents. Up to 130+ languages are supported. No matter the language used in your document, IRISCompressor will recognize it!

Convert any image to a PDF file

IRISCompressor Pro makes it very easy to convert standard images (color or black-and-white uncompressed formats: JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNG, TIFF, image PDF, etc.) into a new color or black-and-white PDF document. And, these generated PDF files are fully compliant with any PDF viewer, which perfectly preserves the visual quality of your original document.

Reduce the size of your images and PDF files

The IRISCompressor is designed to convert standard images and PDF files into a new, much lighter PDF document (up to five times smaller), which will open in any PDF viewer without altering the text resolution and legibility. The compressed files reduce the storage space and bandwidth, helping speed up large file transfers and saving you money.

Merge and organize multiple files

Combining multiple files into a single PDF document is now fast and easy! Simply select the files you want to merge, right-click the “compress” button, and a new compressed and searchable PDF featuring all your original files is created instantly.

Create searchable PDF files

RISCompressor makes it easy to create searchable and indexed PDF files.

130+ supported languages

Thanks to IRIS's embedded OCR engine, IRISCompressor is able to recognize text in over 130 different languages, including complex alphabets such as Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and Russian. When installing IRISCompressor, you will be able choose up to five languages from the whole list (multiple-language recognition is not supported).

Document conversion in a click

Launch the conversion without opening the application by using a right-click! IRISCompressor features a very handy “right-click” option that lets you convert your files without launching the software. Simply select the action you want in the right-click context menu, and you are done!