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AERO 16 OLED Laptop
AERO 16 OLED Laptop


EVERY COLOR COUNTS: The Greatest Creator

Unleash your creativity! The AERO 16 OLED creator laptop is designed for professionals, designers, and creators. The 16:10 thin-bezel 4K+ OLED screen has been certified by multiple third parties. It is certified with X-Rite ™ 2.0 factory-by-unit color calibration and Pantone® Validated color calibration. In addition, it has passed TÜV Rheinland low blue light and Eyesafe® 2.0 standards. The total thickness is only 18mm. The iridescent design with powerful real-time calculation and modeling functions makes it the best modern creativity accelerator! The laptop provides high-performance computing and accelerated work output with the 13th-generation Intel® Core™ i9 or i7 processors and NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 40 Laptop GPU series. In addition, with professional 4K+ OLED HDR display featuring eye protection, the user can unleash their creativity anytime, anywhere.

AERO 16 OLED Laptop AERO 16 OLED Laptop AERO 16 OLED Laptop AERO 16 OLED Laptop
AERO 16 OLED Laptop



Now You Love OLED

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then OLED is your soulmate. The AERO 16 OLED creator laptop is equipped with a 4K+ OLED HDR bezel-less screen. With 24 million self-emitting LED pixels, the screen provides vibrant and exciting imagery. The 16:10 aspect ratio¹ increases the viewing area by 12% and supports a 100% DCI-P3 cinema-grade color gamut. The VESA DisplayHDR™ 600 TrueBlack certification promises distinct blacks and whites with zero halos. In addition, the AERO OLED is TÜV Rheinland Eyesafe 2.0 eye protection certified and the low blue light and flicker-free technology protects users during extended use.

AERO 16 OLED Laptop

16:10 Boundless Horizon

The 16:10 aspect ratio provides more visual working space than 16:9 screens. It can display more tracks, commonly used toolbars, and playback control functions, providing convenience while doubling efficiency.

AERO 16 OLED Laptop

100% DCI-P3 Creates Lifelike Colors

The film industry-level 100% DCI-P3 color gamut provides over 120% color performance capability certified by SGS Cinematic Experience. It can display 30% more colors than the sRGB gamut, making the images more realistic, colors more refined, and color management more comprehensive.

AERO 16 OLED Laptop

Deep Black Makes Perfect HDR?

With VESA DisplayHDR™ 600 TrueBlack certification, over 1,000,000:1 contrast, 600 nits of peak brightness, and deep blacks of 0.0005 nits, it clearly defines bright and dark, and textures and details.

AERO 16 OLED Laptop
AERO 16 OLED Laptop

To Dispel millions of shadows, 0.2ms ? is Enough

The 0.2ms screen response time is 50 times faster than common LCD laptop screens with 10ms response. It can quickly switch colors and images to present smoother motion. Web page text becomes clearer and easier to read, and gaming latency is less than on 144Hz 25ms LCD screens.

AERO 16 OLED Laptop


The Halo Free™ technology certified by the global testing institution UL provides 0.000% halation, ensuring that the picture quality is not affected by the slightest backlight bleeding. Blacks and whites are still clearly defined when different people view the screen from 45 degrees, 65 degrees, and other angles.

AERO 16 OLED Laptop
AERO 16 OLED Laptop

Enjoy Every Edge

The key to excellent image quality in pursuit of perfect panoramic details is on the edge! Certified by the global testing institution UL, the average uniformity of the screen is above 95%. It realistically reproduces textures and colors, allowing for precise post-production adjustments.

AERO 16 OLED Laptop
AERO 16 OLED Laptop

Green Planet We Care

Protects the world you create in images, while adding greenery to the real world. The unique OLED display structure uses only one eighth of the plastics used in non-OLED displays. Therefore, choosing OLED laptops is equivalent to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 1.6kg. The production waste has been certified by UL Zero Waste To Landfill as 100% recyclable.


AERO 16 OLED Laptop

Eyesafe® International Eye Protection Certification

The OLED screen of the AERO creator laptop has passed TÜV Rheinland Eyesafe® certification, which gathered the clinical and research experience of more than 250 eye doctors and optometrists to develop low blue light and color performance management standards. After professional calibration, the screen can maintain color quality with limited blue light. According to SGS certification, dark mode reduces harmful blue light by 78%. It has also received TÜV Rheinland low blue light hardware solution and flicker-free certification, preventing eye fatigue and alleviating high eye pressure after long periods of use, providing a healthier and more comfortable viewing experience.

AERO 16 OLED Laptop AERO 16 OLED Laptop AERO 16 OLED Laptop AERO 16 OLED Laptop AERO 16 OLED Laptop

World Class Technology and Experience in Color Accuracy

The only manufacturer in the world to use world renowned X-Rite™ color calibration 2.0. Rather than provide samples for calibration, GIGABYTE color engineers partnered with the X-Rite™ color calibration laboratory. Each AERO creator laptop display undergoes the stringent color calibration before leaving the factory, ensuring that the average color deviation is Delta E<12. Color calibration reports and unique ICC profile color description files are automatically generated for each laptop, allowing creators to switch uniform color standards in real time to find the right colors for their content. Enjoy the most realistic colors and uncompromising commitment for creators with Pantone® Validated display certification and the world’s most rigorous dual color calibration certification.

AERO 16 OLED Laptop AERO 16 OLED Laptop AERO 16 OLED Laptop

Smart A.I. Eyecare

GIGABYTE Exclusive AI Eyecare technology automatically detects ambient light and adjusts the screen brightness - whether you are in a highly lit outdoor space, office environment with fluorescent lighting, or dark editing room. Adjust the saved settings according to personal preference and to enjoy a personalized viewing experience.

AERO 16 OLED Laptop
AERO 16 OLED Laptop


When Inspiration Strikes, No One Can Stop It

13th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor

Performance must keep up with imagination when capturing fleeting inspiration! The AERO 16 OLED is equipped with the latest 13th generation Intel® Core™ H-series processors. Multitask with ease, supercharging your creativity, and execute complex multi-threaded applications without worry. Activate “Turbo Mode” to maximize the fan speed and push processor performance to its peak, allowing you to be creative and productive.

14 cores

6 Performance-cores, 8 Efficient-cores

20 threads

with 24MB cache


processor power (TDP) *changes according to the profile

AERO 16 OLED Laptop AERO 16 OLED Laptop

GeForce RTX 40 Series Beyond Fast for Gamers and Creators

Unleash your creativity with NVIDIA Studio laptops, purpose-built for creators, validated to deliver fast and fluid performance across the most challenging creator workflows, and preconfigured to take advantage of all the NVIDIA Studio benefits. New models with GeForce RTX 40 Series GPUs leverage the NVIDIA Ada architecture for maximum performance and efficiency, providing a quantum leap over the last generation.

AERO 16 OLED Laptop

Powered by dedicated, next-generation ray tracing, AI, and AV1 video hardware, GeForce RTX™ 40 Series GPUs deliver the ultimate performance for 3D, video production, live streaming, game modding and more. Use AI tools to apply advanced effects with ease and streamline your workflows.. Gain exclusive access to the Studio suite of tools like NVIDIA Omniverse, Canvas and Broadcast. Plus, unlock maximum stability and performance with NVIDIA Studio Drivers.

AERO 16 OLED Laptop
AERO 16 OLED Laptop

AI-Powered Performance and Lifelike Graphics*

Get a quantum leap in performance in games and creative apps with AI-powered DLSS 3 and enable lifelike virtual worlds with full ray tracing.

AERO 16 OLED Laptop

Accelerate Your Ideas

NVIDIA Studio takes your creative projects to the next level. Unlock RTX and AI acceleration in top creative apps, NVIDIA Studio drivers for max stability, and a suite of exclusive tools to fast-track your creativity.

AERO 16 OLED Laptop

Optimized Power and Performance

NVIDIA Max-Q is an advanced suite of AI-powered technologies that optimize your system for peak efficiency. This enables blazing-fast laptops that are thin, quiet, and have amazing battery life.

AERO 16 OLED Laptop

NVIDIA Studio Your CreativityAI

Take your creative projects to the next level with NVIDIA Studio. Powered by new dedicated hardware, RTX 40 Series unlocks unmatched performance in 3D rendering, video editing, and graphic design. Experience feature-rich RTX accelerations in top creative apps, world-class NVIDIA Studio drivers engineered to provide maximum stability, and a suite of exclusive tools that harness the power of RTX for AI-assisted creative workflows.

AERO 16 OLED Laptop

MUX Switch Technology

The GIGABYTE Control Center uses new MUX switch technology. Switch between iGPU and dGPU modes for additional performance.

AERO 16 OLED Laptop
AERO 16 OLED Laptop

Lightning-fast Gen4 SSD

The AERO 16 OLED laptop supports up to PCIe Gen4x4 4TB SSD storage space. The bandwidth and sequential read speed of up to 7000 MB/s are up to twice that of previous generations.3 Capture your inspiration anytime with high-efficiency browsing, storage, transfers and file read/write.

AERO 16 OLED Laptop

DDR5, Go Smoothly

Time is money. Don’t waste it waiting. The AERO 16 OLED fully supports dual-channel DDR5 4800Mhz. With low power consumption, fast transfer speeds, and high system stability, it fully supports multitasking and large 3D model files with high production efficiency.


AERO 16 OLED Laptop
AERO 16 OLED Laptop

Light and Slender As a Swallow

Only 2.1kg and 1.8cm thick, 4mm less than the previous generation4, the laptop is the perfect size for mobile workers and office workers on the move. Move freely from city to city!

AERO 16 OLED Laptop

CNC Milled Precision

The rigid and flexible, square and round exterior is created through CNC milling. The chassis of a single AERO laptop is completed over 336 hours using 14 proprietary tungsten carbide blades, 21-step process, thousands of CNC cuts, and 88 detailed processes. A whole aluminum ingot is refined into one product. Every inch of the AERO laptop is precisely calculated and cut by a computer. With 0.01mm tolerance, thinner than a single strand of hair, each piece to comes together seamlessly, improving durability and strength, and providing exquisite product details and high-end quality.

AERO 16 OLED Laptop

Twilight Silver x Iridescent Lights

The GIGABYTE Design Lab specially mixed platinum color with aluminum, inspired by the dawn as the sky gradually changes from black to white, displaying vibrancy and confidence. The patented iridescent color AERO Logo on the cover is inspired by the different colors in the sky just before sunrise. By using nanoimprint Lithography (NIL) technology optical lamination, the material refracts light differently at different angles like a crystal, echoing the colors of the creative world. It represents the idea that creativity itself is about telling stories from different perspectives.

AERO 16 OLED Laptop

Aerospace-grade & Easy-to-clean Chassis

The astonishing aerospace-grade aluminum chassis contains no chemical paints, greatly reducing the burden on the earth and realizing sustainable environmental protection. The carefully selected vitreous sand surface presents a high quality matte texture. Through rigorous anodizing treatment and complex 11-step oxidation and coloring process, the surface is wear and corrosion resistant, which is not just visually pleasing, but also ergonomic. Furthermore, the surface is coated with a nano film for easy cleaning. It is hydrophobic, oil-repellent, stain resistant, and has dual fingerprint resistance treatment, making it easy to clean after taking it out. It maintains aesthetics and adds durability to create a more enjoyable user experience.

AERO 16 OLED Laptop

Patented Glass Touchpad

The exclusive, patented glass touchpad design provides a silky smooth texture and sensitivity. Inspired by the lotus effect, and covered with a fingerprint resistant coating, the water contact angle of greater than 115° allows the user to easily clean and wipe the pad. With wear resistance, sweat resistance, and dynamic friction, it stays glossy and clean even after long periods of use.

AERO 16 OLED Laptop

See the Difference in the Details

Attention can make you stand out and details make you unique! The metal nameplate with the exclusive AERO design language provides the finishing touch and highlights the creativity of users.


Creativity On-The-Go?

AERO 16 OLED is designed with a light and smart exterior, making it easy to carry. With dual Thunderbolt™ 4 ports, the laptop is ready for the era of multiple devices with multiple functions. The Wi-Fi 6E networking technology and triple-band network connection provide smooth connections to realize true on-the-go creativity.

AERO 16 OLED Laptop

Featherweight For You?

The 2.1kg weight and 18mm thickness provides a lightweight and clean appearance, presenting your personal style and taste.

AERO 16 OLED Laptop
AERO 16 OLED Laptop

No Adapter? No Problem

Even if you forget adapter and power code when you are out, the Thunderbolt™ 4 port near the user side can be charged with PD 86W or above power supplies, which can be used with multiple devices, such as phones, tablets, and smart watches.

AERO 16 OLED Laptop
AERO 16 OLED Laptop

Wi-Fi, As Quick As a Flash?

Aside from supporting the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands of Wi-Fi 6 and previous generations of Wi-Fi, next-generation Wi-Fi 6E can also operate in the 6GHz band. Deliver your creativity to the world without any lag through faster speed and lower latency.

Up to

WiFi 6E


Transmission speed


for home and consumer use

Up to


faster than Wi-Fi 5




AERO 16 OLED Laptop


Life is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

To achieve highly efficient production, you need endless creativity and abundant power. The AERO 16 OLED is equipped with a 88Wh battery, which can handle the needs of an entire working day when not plugged in. When the low battery warning appears, use USB-C Power Delivery 86W or above chargers with the Thunderbolt™ 4 near the user side to charge the laptop. You can also use the GIGABYTE original charger for fast charging to continue creating and working. It can charge the laptop to 50% battery in just 30 minutes.6


Battery Capacity

Up to


of Video Playback6


Win with Software

Doing the things you want requires not only hardware, but also software. Software features creators care about for performance, tools, and personal privacy have been integrated, making the AERO 16 OLED more user-friendly and easy-to-use, by adding thoughtfulness to the creative journey.

ai Boost Knows Best?

GIGABYTE has partnered with Microsoft to introduce the world’s first laptop AI. It can learn and adjust the wattage consumption of the CPU and GPU according to each app - no additional settings required. Enjoy optimal laptop performance at startup, saving even more multimedia processing and manual configuration time.

AERO 16 OLED Laptop

AERO 16 OLED Laptop

TPM Full Privacy Protection

The trend toward virtual transactions is making information security issues ever more important! GIGABYTE uses Microsoft's TPM 2.0 functions to protect your personal accounts, card numbers, and other private information, preventing hackers or malicious software from entering your system.

AERO 16 OLED Laptop

Hardware and Software Compatibility Testing

The GIGABYTE team has tested various Adobe applications you may use on the AERO 16 OLED. It is compatible with all AORUS series peripherals, such as monitors, keyboards and mise. The team aims to create a complete, one-stop creative center for you, becoming your best partner during the creation process.


You Can Fight Alone or As a Group.

AERO 16 OLED Laptop
AERO 16 OLED Laptop

4K Matrix Workstation

Supports 4K video output to up to 3 screens with the HDMI 2.1 and Thunderbolt™ 4 ports. External hubs are not required for multitasking and real-time monitoring.

4K Video Outputs x3

AERO 16 OLED Laptop

Fast Loading of RAW Files

Quickly upload large files from your camera, professional cameras, and drones through UHS-II fast transfers using the microSD card reader.

Supports up to 312 MB/s Data Transfer8

AERO 16 OLED Laptop

Multi-device Charging with One

Only one cable is needed to charge mobile electronic devices such as phones, tablets, wireless mice, and smart watches when you go out. Thunderbolt™ 4 solves power problems between USB-C devices.

8x faster than USB3.1

PD charging in 100W

(Supported by the Thunderbolt™ 4 port near the user side)


Shh… SoundingDifferent?

The AERO 16 OLED integrates GIGABYTE Windforce Infinity cooling technology. Four dedicated heat pipes and 5V dual 59-blade fans are installed in the tight space, maintaining performance in the thin body. The dual large-area air intake is equipped with 30% thinner blades. The 4 sets of super thin fan blades increases the cooling area by 104% compared to the previous generation. Together with the 2 “vortex” fans stopping the backflow of hot air, double cooling is provided for the chassis. Listen! The AERO is truly different!

AERO 16 OLED Laptop


Slim Fans




Thin Fins

AERO 16 OLED Laptop

Silence is Golden

The wisest people are those who appreciate silence. The AERO 16 OLED provides a low-noise experience during general web browsing of less than 28 dB. Enjoy the best quality, quietly.


Whispering Nearby Level


Cooling Area Compared to the previous gen.

AERO 16 OLED Laptop

Keep Calm and Work Hard

The maximum total thermal design power (TDP) in “Turbo Mode” is 125 watts, quickly dissipating waste heat. The exclusive vortex technology prevents heat backflow to even out the surface temperature, ensuring stable cooling and hand comfort when multitasking.

AERO 16 OLED Laptop


When You Are Creating...

In dark rooms or under fluorescent lights, the laser-engraved white light keyboard with 1.7mm long key travel feedback and anti-ghosting keys, makes every key clear and visible without glare.10 The AI EyeCare system automatically detects the optimal screen brightness according to the environmental lighting, protecting the user’s eyes.

AERO 16 OLED Laptop

When You Are in a Meeting...

Log in within a second after opening the laptop using Windows Hello facial recognition. Click on the meeting link to turn on the FHD 1080P high-definition webcam to perfectly capture live images. The built-in DTS:X™ Ultra two-way AI noise reduction technology eliminates environmental noise and the dual-array microphone can help you make an impact during your presentations.

AERO 16 OLED Laptop

When You Are Relaxing...

The DTS:X™ Ultra theater-level stereo sound system provides 3D surround sound and accurate sound sources according to the position of the user, whether for gaming, movies, or music, creating the most immersive stereo experience and clearly and realistically recreating the original audio. And you can uses Mux switch function through GIGABYTE Control Center to increase gaming FPS performance.


1. The view area is calculated based on the 16:10 laptop screen display area compared to 16:9 laptop screen display area.

2. Delta E is a single number that represents the distance between two colors. The lower the Delta E number, the closer the display matches the input color to the display’s reproduced color. Average tested result: 4K+ panel and QHD+ panel Delta-E < 1 Calibration environment: Display brightness: 100% System operation: Windows 11 Calibration device: Provided By X-Rite™ Pantone®, Designed especially for GIGABYTE.

3. PCI Express Gen4 bandwidth and data rate compared with the previous gen.

4. The weight and dimensions of the laptop may vary according to the configuration, manufacturing process and measurement method, please refer to the actual situation. The dimensions tolerance is +/- 5%.

5. UBased on IEEE 802.11ax specification. 160 MHz channels and Wi-Fi 6/6E technology advantages enable significantly higher maximum theoretical PC client speeds vs. standard Wi-Fi 5 products. Based on IEEE 802.11ax specification Intel Engineering simulation. 160 MHz channels and Wi-Fi 6/6E technology advantages related to network managed traffic enable lower latencies, more efficient operation, and higher reliability vs. random contention-based traffic of standard Wi-Fi 5 networks. (Wi-Fi as documented in IEEE 802.11 wireless standard specifications, and requires the use of similarly configured 802.11 ax wireless network routers. ) Theoretical Wi-Fi 6E performance figures provided by Intel. Actual performance may vary in real-world situations.

6. Recharges your battery up to 50% within 30 minutes when the system is off (using “shut down” command). Recommended for use with the GIGABYTE adapter provided with the laptop, not recommended with a smaller capacity battery charger. After charging has reached 50% capacity, charging speed will return to normal speed. Charging time may vary +/-10% due to System tolerance. Available on select GIGABYTE products.

7. Battery life tested by GIGABYTE Lab. using continuous FHD video playback, 1080p (1920x1080) resolution, 50% brightness, system audio level at 50%, played full-screen from local storage, headphone attached, wireless on but not connected. Actual battery life will vary depending on configuration and maximum capacity will naturally decrease with time and usage. Battery life will decrease over the lifetime of the battery.

8. Unless otherwise stated, all performance claims are based on theoretical performance. Actual figures may vary in real-world situations.

9. Noise tested by GIGABYTE Lab. using continuous 4K steam video playback, 2160p60 resolution, 50% brightness, system audio level at 50%, played full-screen from local storage, headphone attached, wireless on and connected. Actual may vary in real-world situations.

10. Keyboard lighting can be turned off. The key travel tolerance is +/- 0.2mm, and the maximum key travel is calculated from the maximum positive tolerance of the key travel. N-Key Rollover: Supports 80 simultaneous key presses.

All the performance test conducted by by GIGABYTE LAB may change due to differences in systems, specifications or testing environments, please refer to the actual situation.