Dell Latitude E5420 Laptop

DELL Laptop Latitude E5420

Doing business today means working anytime, anywhere. You need a laptop to keep up with your work style. The DELL Latitude E5420 laptop is the right choice. It provides agile performance, confident security and efficient manageability in a compact, durable design that’s built to last. Take it with you anywhere and stay highly productive.

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Built to Last Durability

Ready for whatever your work might dish out, this highly durable 14” laptop is stylishly armored top to bottom with a hard-wearing Tri-Metal casing, a brushed aluminum display back and reinforced, barrel hinge for strength and greater stability.

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Go-Anywhere Productivity

Built with your business in mind, Dell Latitude E5420 lets you unleash your productivity with a range of performance options – powerful Intel Core processors, large-capacity high-bandwidth memory, and solid-state drives.

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Confident Security

Enjoy seamless integration into your IT environment and rest easy knowing that Latitude E5420 laptop – and your company data – are secure and protected anywhere in the world.

  • Know your data is secure with Dell's Data Protection | Encryption and protect your data from the unexpected mishaps with Dell Fast Response Free-Fall Sensor and StrikeZone.
  • Control who has access to your data with Dell Data Protection | Access, contactless smart card and fingerprint reader login access options.
  • Help prevent system viruses and contain data leaks with port control options.
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Efficient Manageability

Manage and maintain your fleet of Latitude E-Family laptops with ease from planning and deploying to ongoing maintenance and support.

  • Confidently plan future product roll-outs with Dell Latitude's long lifecycles, transitions and ImageWatch advance look at software and hardware changes.
  • Upgrade or service key components conveniently via one single access door.
  • Save time and money with Dell KACE easy to use systems management appliances.
  • Know you have a partner with Dell for maintaining and supporting your systems with a wide range of customizable and globally focused service and support options.

NOTE: Since the image display or configuration may be different on each model, please refer to the specifications.