The ABC RBC 32 is a of UPS replacement battery. It’s the dependable source of backup power to maximize your run time in the event of a blackout. You will have enough time to store your critical data.

The ABC RBC 32 battery consists of two sealed lead acid batteries, delivering top performance as OEM battery but cost much less.  It is easy to install with cables and connectors included. Just plug and play. Hot Swappable is also supported. The ABC RBC 32 is maintenance free, saving you much hassle. They are also environment-conscious, providing you reusable packaging to ship old battery back for recycling.

Compatibility with the following APS UPS models:

BN1050, BN1050-CN, BN1250, BR800, BR800-BLK, BR900, BR1000, BR1200, BT1000, BT1000-MC, BX800, BX800-CN, BX900, BX1000, BX1200, BX1200-CN, CNB750, CNB950

Guaranteed performance at a friendly price point

The ABC RBC 32 Battery is constructed to meet and exceed the original UPS manufacturer's specifications, and deliver a battery life of 3-5 years. But it is less expensive than OEM battery.


The ABC RBC 32 Battery comes complete with cables and connectors. The installation guide and recycling guide are also included. You can use the reusable packaging to ship your old battery back to ABC for recycling.

Easy to use

UPS downtime will be reduced to a minimum. The ABC RBC 32 Battery comes pre-charged and can be used immediately. It supports plug and play & Hot Swappable, and is maintenance free.