Salton SmartSealer Bag Seale-BS1442

Bag sealer

Tired of reaching for your favorite snack only to find out it’s stale. Look no further! The SmartSealer uses battery power to heat and seal in the freshness of your favourite snacks. The handy magnet on the back ensures it is always within reach when you need it, and the convenient built-in bag cutter opens up the sealed snacks. Never eat a stale snack again!

Salton SmartSealer Bag Seale-BS1442
  • Seals virtually anything in its original bag.
  • Seals in the freshness of chips, crackers, cookies, cereal, frozen foods and much more in their original bags.
  • Built in bag cutter opens sealed bags or cuts off excess before sealing.
  • Handy magnetic back (not illustrated) – store bag sealer right on your refrigerator.
  • Great for soups, stews, spaghetti sauce and even frozen juice pops – liquids won’t leak!
  • Uses 2 “AA” batteries – not included