Alarm Pro Security Kit, 8-Piece combines whole-home protection, a fast eero Wi-Fi 6 router, and network security in one. Protect 4 windows or doors and add motion detection to 1 hallway or room. Enjoy wifi coverage of up to 1500 sq. ft. 1 Plus, keep your connected devices online if the primary internet goes out with 24/7 Backup Internet2, an exclusive Ring Protect Pro subscription feature, sold separately. Control your home security system from the Ring App and manage your wifi and network security settings in the eero App.

Revolutionary protection for your connected home. The Alarm Pro Base Station has an eero Wi-Fi 6 router built in to deliver our strongest protection yet. Upgrading to an integrated mesh wifi router can help create a better connection for your compatible home security devices and helps keeps your every day devices connected in every room. Whats included. Each piece of your Alarm Pro system works together to help you protect what matters most at home. Add Ring Alarm components, Alarm sensors like Smoke & CO Listener and Flood and Freeze Sensor, security cameras, and eero 6 Extenders to fit your space.

Alarm Pro Base Station The central hub of your homes advanced home security system and fast, secure wifi. Can replace existing Ring Alarm Base Station to add eero Wi-Fi 6 connectivity. Keypad Easily arm and disarm your Alarm Pro system, and more, from inside your home. Contact Sensors (x4) Secure each door and window in your home, and get alerts as soon as they open Motion Detector Place one in each room or hallway of your home to know when motion is detected indoors. Range Extender Extend the Z-Wave signal from your Alarm Pro Base Station to all of your compatible alarm system components.

Protect home from every angle. Where life happens, Alarm Pro is there to help keep it all safe and securely connected. Break-Ins, Fires, Emergencies, and More With a strong, reliable wifi connection throughout your home, youll know when doors or windows open, see whos on your property, and more. Weak Connections and Digital Threats Work, stream, and game on an eero Wi-Fi 6 router that supports fast speeds to devices throughout your home. Get advanced online security features with eero Secure when you subscribe to Ring Protect Pro, sold separately.

Internet Outage? No Problem Get 24/7 Backup Internet with a Ring Protect Pro subscription, sold separately, and your Alarm Pro will keep you online and your Ring devices connected to help secure your home. Easy to Set Up, Easy to Use Everything you need for installation is in the box and works in any home. Or, let the pros give you a hand with professional installation options. Connect in Remote Locations If you are located where a reliable connection is hard to find, 24/7 Backup Internet may be available to connect you even off the grid.

Complete control is in your hands. One Simple Dashboard Connect your devices, check Ring camera feeds, and manage your homes security devices from anywhere. Switch to the eero App to adjust wifi settings, and more. Real-Time Notifications Know when your alarm is triggered, if someone enters a room, or if a new device joins your network, right on your mobile device. Home and Away Modes Arm just the perimeter sensors when youre home or arm all the sensors when you head out, from wherever you are. Manage Wifi & Network Security Control, view, and manage your network and security settings, pause the internet, and share your network with friends or guests.

Security & Privacy Control Ring Apps Control Center allows you to view, control, and customize important security settings. Do even more with Ring Alarm Pro Alarm Pro lets you add an array of compatible devices to help create a more connected home. Expand Your Alarm Pro System Connect Alarm Smoke & CO Listener, Alarm Flood & Freeze Sensor, Security Cameras, Ring Power Packs, and more, to secure every corner of your home. Alexa, arm Ring