Whether you're a casual enthusiast or hardcore gamer Mushkin REDLINE Black series modules deliver the highest performance and speed of any modules on the face of the earth. Each Mushkin REDLINE Black series module is tested and calibrated to offer more dependable performance beyond what you find on a spec sheet. If you like to overclock and squeeze as much performance from your PC as possible then Mushkin REDLINE Black series memory modules give you that extra edge you need to dominate without breaking a sweat!

Key Features:

  • Mushkin Tested:  This product has been tested by hand to ensure ultimate reliability and performance.
  • Energy Efficient Design:  Each Mushkin Enhanced memory module is designed to ensure the most energy-efficient design right out of the box.
  • Enhanced Compatibility: This product is programmed to use timings that offer maximum compatibility with your system and original memory 
  • Extreme Performance: Unparalleled speeds to save time and money while transferring content-rich data.
  • Enhanced Thermal Design: This product is equipped with Mushkin's advanced Frostbyte Heatsink.
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty*: Each memory module is backed by Mushkin's Limited Lifetime Warranty.