Mushkin’s 2GB kit of PC2 5300 memory is a performance packed offering ready to supercharge your system. High data transfer rates and stability even at the highest settings allow you to run multiple high-end applications at the same time. These two 1GB sticks bring you state-of-the-art dual channel operation at a 667MHz clock rate, just waiting for you to run it hot and heavy, and the sleek black heatspreaders keep the sticks cool even at higher voltages.

Whether you’re running the latest first-person shooter, designing your own animations, or even watching a DVD, this memory allows you to multi-task to the limits of your own attention span. At a great price for the function, this memory is backed by Mushkin’s limited lifetime warranty, to keep you running for a long time to come.

Mushkin Value Series DDR2 SDRAM

Mushkin Value Series DDR2 SDRAM features JEDEC standard programming for the broadest compatibility with systems and motherboards. With carefully selected components and Mushkin quality assurance, Value Series memory provides a hassle free, cost-effective upgrade.

DDR2 667

DDR2 667 delivers incredible performance and platform compatibility with up to 5.3GB/s memory bandwidth per channel for enhanced work and gaming power!