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Please Note: If your RAM already has a heatspreader you need to take it off first. Be carefull when you do this because you may damage the RAM. It's not Copper. Just add an option for RED shell.
- RGB light, 256 colors changed automatically, can't control - Support short memory/high memeory - Support high RAM with chips on single sides/both sides - Adopt Bilateral aluminum for magnesium alloy material, help the cooling - With small 4 pin motherboard port to connect more ports - With small 3 pin motherboard port to power supply

Product name: Memory cooling heatsink
Model: 881852
Color: red/white/black
Material: aluminum for magnesium alloy
Size: 14cmx 4.2 cm/ 5.5 ''x 1.7 ''
Package Included:
1 x memory cooling vest 2 x Thermal paste 1 x EVA increase the thickness for single-clip memory 1 x bag of spare installation accessory 1 x installation manual