• The switch is manufactured using metal, mercury switches and electrical characteristics are similar but not dangerous mercury switches and environmental issues, and have the same characteristics as the single shaking when conducting, the assembly is more convenient to use safe;
  • Unidirectional characteristics: The switch is in a stationary state, as shown in FIG larger end (ON) side, below the level of 45 degrees, the switch is in the ON state, the smaller end (OFF) side, and the level of the product when tilted to the OFF side of the switch is open state when subjected to external shaking forces achieved by shaking, or conduction angle is set at an angle (45-90)) when the range, the conductive pin electrical characteristics will produce short or continuous conduction pass; when the switch is OFF ends below the horizontal angle, when the shaking is difficult to trigger conduction;
  • When you want to restore the electrical characteristics of the open state (OFF), switch to set the environment must be static, and (OFF) below the level required to set up the open end angle;
  • The trigger switch for low current circuit, does not apply when the power switch;
  • The switch is a sealed package, dustproof and waterproof.

What's in the Package:

  • 10pcs SW-100 Electronic Vibration Sensor Switch Tilt Sensor Unidirectional