Enjoy the benefits of ergonomic typing angles and a spacious work area with Black Clamp-on Height Adjustable Keyboard Tray (MOUNT-KB05HB) from VIVO! Win back valuable desk space by adding a lower tier surface for the keyboard, mouse, and other small items. Designed with user-geared features such as smooth gliding motion for easy access, height adjustment for customizable placement, sturdy C-clamps for convenient mounting, and anti-skid padding for scratch resistance, this mount was built to perform! The under-desk tray placement creates an ergonomic setup that decreases fatigue and muscle strain on the neck, back, and shoulders. Add organization and style to your home or office desk with the sleek, black color and modern design. All necessary hardware is provided for easy installation, so you can get your new tray mounted and enjoy comfortable typing angles in no time!


  • Universal Design: Fits most keyboards and mice on the market

  • Desk Thickness: 0.5 to 1.75 (Desktop thickness must not exceed 1.75)

  • Weight Capacity: 11 lbs

  • Specifications

  • Color: Black

  • Material: Steel, MDF Board

  • Tray Dimensions: 26.8 (33 including clamps) x 11

  • Extension: Tray slides out a total of 8.5 from desk

  • Orientation: Tray sits 1.5 to 5.75 below the desk surface (Depends on desk thickness and height setting)

  • Height Adjustment: 2.4 (5 height settings with 0.6 between each setting)

  • Track Length: 12.3

  • Keyboard Tray Thickness: 0.6