Preserve those vivid harmonics, clear highs, and fast transients and take your music to whole new heights using industry defining rock cables with the Monster Prolink Rock Instrument cable. Monster is back and offering only the best of the best when it comes to top quality electric guitar cables. Rock 'n roll with the best of them with the Monster Prolink Rock Instrument cables. With the power of top of the line technical engineering Monster's Prolink Rock cables can help enhance your sound to get the best quality of your style and equipment for that high octane sound you want to get out there.

Designed with dense braided shield that minimizes interference and hum, carbon-Infused Polymer minimizes handling and vibration noise, 95% copper braided shield, and a Duraflex protective jacket you can be sure that not only will your music have the best quality it can have but it will also be highly reliable and durable wherever you take it.