Enjoy deep black levels and an enhanced gaming experience with the Sony BRAVIA XR A90K 48 HDR 4K UHD OLED TV. Four HDMI 2.1 ports enable compatibility with features like VRR and ALLM in today's gaming consoles to provide smooth gameplay. The deep black levels and vibrant color of the OLED's self-illuminating pixels are enhanced with features like XR OLED Contrast Pro and XR Triluminos Pro, powered by the Cognitive Processor XR, producing lifelike image depth and texture. Next Generation Picture and Sound with Cognitive Intelligence Take vision and sound to the next level with the Cognitive Processor XR.

This processor reproduces content the way humans see and hear for an incredibly lifelike experience. It understands how the human eye focuses, cross-analyzing images to give real-life depth, extraordinary contrast, and beautifully vivid colors. Exceptional Pure Blacks for Real-Life Depth and Texture Pairing an OLED panel with XR OLED Contrast Pro technology, this TV boosts color and contrast in bright areas so you can enjoy both pure blacks and peak brightness. Combined with the Cognitive Processor XR, it enhances pictures the same way your eyes focus, so you won't miss a single detail in dazzling light or deep shadow.

Acoustic Surface Audio+ Acoustic Surface Audio+ uses special actuators to turn the screen into a multi-channel speaker. You'll hear sound that precisely matches what's on screen with pictures and sound in total harmony for a truly immersive experience. A center woofer boosts bass for truly immersive cinematic sound at home. Hands-Free Help from Google With hands-free voice control built into the Google TV OS, you can set aside your remote and simply use your voice to control your TV. Ask Google to find a specific title, search by genre, and get personalized recommendations on what to watch by saying, Hey Google, what should I watch?.

Even get answers on-screen, control smart home devices, and more. Designed for the Environment The BRAVIA XR TV is designed for immersive experiences with the environment in mind. Sony is committed to using less new plastic in their TVs and packaging. The A90K uses Sony-developed SORPLAS with a recycle rate of up to 85% in its rear cover. The backlight control technologies and sensors not only deliver high picture quality but also reduce power consumption.
Dynamic Backlight Control, or pixel-level lighting control, helps improve energy efficiency by adjusting display brightness as picture content changes.
Power Saving Mode helps save energy by adjusting the display brightness.
Display Off Mode helps save energy by turning the picture display off without needing to put the TV into full standby mode, so audio can still be enjoyed. Pure Blacks for Real-Life Depth and Texture XR OLED Contrast Pro boosts color and contrast in bright areas for exceptionally realistic pictures defined by absolute pure blacks and peak brightness. With a temperature sensor and high luminance panel, this OLED TV utilizes the Cognitive Processor XR to detect screen temperature and precisely control light so pixels in bright areas are illuminated simultaneously. Wide Color Spectrum for Real-World Shades and Hues Powered by the Cognitive Processor XR, XR Triluminos Pro enables the A90K to access over a billion colors and reproduce each one with the subtle differences seen in the real world.

Together with the wide color gamut panel and human-centric processor, it can detect color from saturation, hue, and brightness to deliver natural shades in every detail. Upscaling All Your Content to Near-4K With XR 4K Upscaling, you'll enjoy entertainment close to 4K quality, whatever the content or source. The Cognitive Processor XR accesses a vast amount of data, intelligently recreating lost textures and detail for real world pictures