The HP EH919SB tape drive offers an affordable backup solution for SCSI-based servers that require both high capacity and low cost of ownership. Based on the fourth generation half-height LTO technology, this LTO-4 drive sets a new standard for capacity and offers a transfer rate unmatched by competing technologies, allowing you to store 1.6TB of compressed data on a single cartridge.

The drive employs HP’s exclusive dynamic data rate matching to adjust to the speed of the host, reducing wear and tear on both the drive and media while increasing performance. Read- and write- compatible with second and third-generation Ultrium drives and media, the HP EH919SB tape drive protects your previous investment and makes upgrades easy!

LTO-4 Technology

The HP EH919SB provides up to 1.6TB of compressed capacity on a single cartridge, doubling the capacity of LTO-3 tape drives. Plus, LTO-4 is backward read compatible to two generations of media and read/write compatible to one generation, helping protect your investment.

Full Performance

The HP EH919SB delivers a compressed sustained transfer rate of up to 160MB per second for minimized backup time.

Serial Attached SCSI Interface

The industry standard Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) interface provides ultra fast data transfer rates of up to 3Gb/sec and allows direct connect to SAS-based servers.

Security Features

The HP EH919SB supports Write Once, Read Many (WORM) operation on LTO WORM cartridges, providing simple and secure retrieval of records for government and industry compliance. Plus, the drive encrypts data using hardware-based 256-bit AES algorithm recommended by the U.S. government for the highest levels of data security.