The brand new AlphaTube TPV is here! With its discreet velvet look and extraordinary durability, this beautiful black tubing is a fantastic alternative to standard soft tubing. TPV is an EPDM rubber which is primarily used for industrial applications. For water cooling, this means that it is much more stable than PVC hoses against acids, alkalis and external influences. It can also withstand higher temperatures. Gone are the worries of warping hoses that may obstruct water flow. The installation is just as easy and uncomplicated as with PVC hoses; however, the tubing is slightly stiffer. The new Alphacool HF TPV fittings have been specially adapted for the hose and are therefore ideally suited due to their high tensile strength, but of course they are also compatible with normal fittings tooe.

Technical Data:

Material: TPV (EPDM / PP)
Colour: Matte Black
Operating temperature: -50 to + 155°C
Outer diameter: 12.7 mm
Inside diameter: 7.6 mm
Hose length: 3.3 m

Model: 18605