DarkSide LEDs were designed from scratch by adapting luxury automotive and aerospace LEDs to computer modding. Our LED features custom wavelength LED IC modules, in-house design of the circuit board, and flexible DarkSide Connect modular power cable options.

Modular power extension cable design allows the most suitable power cable type to a Modder’ s need. It also makes it easy to change to another power cable without replacing or modifying the LED itself.

We have a wide range of DarkSide Connect cables to help reduce cable clutter in your custom computer systems.

It will help you with building your unique computer to perfection. Full list of power extensions can be found here: CABLES FOR MODULAR LED

Rev G2-Pro

The G2-Pro model is the successor of Rev 4.1, it has a wavelength similar to Rev 4.1 and will match the older model well.

Having said that, G2-Pro utilizes a new generation LED IC module that has a noticeably higher light output and a wider beam of light. The Rev 4.1 has a 90-degree beam of light, while G2-Pro has a 120-degree beam of light that covers a larger surface inside a computer case. Those improvements make the G2-Pro Model the most powerful UV LED we ever made.

The G2-Pro continues to utilize Aluminium PCB design, that provides excellent heat dissipation and offers extremely low 2mm LED profile well suited for many modding situations (stealth mounting, waterblock lights replacement, etc).


  • PCB: Custom 30cm, Rev 3.0
  • LED count: 27
  • Operating voltage: ~6v-12v (min-to-max brightness)
  • Power consumption: 2.7W
  • Power Wire Type: 7cm, modular (CONNECT)
  • Connector Type-A (DS-0608)
  • Sleeving: DarkSide Jet Black sleeving