The Alphacool Subzero Thermal Grease is intended for all users who want to achieve optimum performance with their system. With a thermal conductivity of 16 W/mK, this electrically non-conductive thermal paste suitable for high contact pressures is an excellent choice when performance and ease of application are required. ApplicationSubzero 16W/mK Thermal Grease can be optimally applied due to its high viscosity. For perfect application of the thermal paste, a plastic spatula (included in delivery) or a comparable tool should be used. PropertiesAlphacool's Subzero Thermal Grease has a high thermal conductivity of 16 W/mK, making it one of the best performing thermal pastes on the market.

Only thermal pastes made from liquid metal offer better thermal conductivity. Subzero Thermal Grease is delivered in an applicator with a screw cap. The amount of thermal grease is sufficient for several applications and can be stored in the applicator to protect it from drying out. A plastic spatula is included for perfect application of the thermal paste. Subzero Thermal Grease is non-conductive and non-caustic. If a small amount of paste is spilled during application, damage to the hardware is highly unlikely. Technical data Color Appearance gray Viscosity (mPa. s) 3, 000, 000 Specific Gravity (g/cm3) 2, 7 Thermal Conductivity (w/m-K) 16 Thermal Resistance (Degree Celcius*cm2/w) 60Psi 0, 05 Dielectric Constant 14, 5 at 1MHz Volatile matter (%), 120 Degree Celcius @96hrs 0, 18 Out Gasing (%), 200 Degree Celcius @96hrs 0, 01 Temperature Stability (Degree Celcius) -50 ~ 200 Shelf Life 2 years Product Features easy to work with, non-caustic, anti-oxidation, not easily solidifying Datasheet (EN)