microSD cards are a smaller version of the standard normal size SD card, roughly a quarter of the size. microSD cards are the smallest size removable storage cards commercially available in mainstream distribution. microSD cards are compatible with standard size SD cards and there are adapters available that make the microSD able to fit in devices that have slots for standard SD, miniSD, Memory Stick or even USB slots. Due to their small size, no moving parts, permanent storage, durability and high storage density micro SD cards are very popular in mobile phones, smaller camera and video recorders, as well as other portable devices.

microSD cards are available in different sizes. The original microSD format supports cards up to 2GB. microSDHC cards are sold in sizes 4GB to 32GB. microSDXC cards are sold in sizes 64GB to 512GB. These formats are not all compatible with each other. Many older devices made before SDHC or SDXC formats were introduced will not support these newer sizes. microSD cards are available in different performance specs: Class 4 cards are slower, with write speeds at least 4MB/s. These are good for general purpose use. Class 10 cards have write speeds of at least 10MB/s are are good for most streaming and HD video. V30 and V60 ratings are recommended for Full-HD or 10K video. Also, A1 rating is recommended for mobile apps requiring higher performance. We carry different grades of microSD card: Consumer grade cards are good for casual, occasional use and cost less. Commercial grade cards are good for most applications. Utility grade cards are ideal for longer life and support a wide range of operating temperatures.