This is the programming cable, This is not a cable used to connect to any server/networking hardware. and cannot be used for typical virtual terminal work. The RS232 DB9 9 Pin Female to USB 2.0 cable needs to be used with a RS232 Male to USB cable, and the RS232 Male to USB cable needs to be with a driver ( RS232 Male to USB cable is not included ). DB9 Female to USB 2.0 Programmable Logic Controller Serial Cable for computers without serial port. Serial to
USB 2 converter pingout: Pin 2 - TxD, Pin 3 - RxD, Pin 5 - GND. (pin 1-5 row 1 right to left, pin 6-9 row 2 right to left )This is not a USB to serial cable??Don't buy this if you're trying to connect to a APU board??