USB to RS485/RS422 converter It easily lets you connect RS485 or RS422 device directly to your Laptop PC computer USB portIdeal for industrial environment -provides 600w surge protection and 15KV ESD isolated protection on signal pins to protect costly and often sensitive control equipment against electrical damageWith high performance quality processor chip (FTDI-chipset FT232) and I/O auto conversion circuitry which makes RS 485 to USB convertor one of the most reliable dongle on the market 1.5 ft serial RS-422 RS-485 to USB adapter cable supports windows 10 8 7 Mac and more; plug-and-play No power supply neededThere are no IRQ and COM port conflicts since the port do not require any additional IRQ DMA memory as resources on the system; RS485 for Half duplex and RS422 for Full duplex communication