Thunderbolt 4 Cable Short
USB C Cable: The SIKAI CASE 0.42 ft ultra short cable is perfectly suited for all Thunderbolt 4 Thunderbolt 3 USB-C and USB4 devices. Supports data transfer speeds up to 40Gb/s and can actually deliver up to 240W of power. Meets PD 3.1 standard and is backward compatible with PD 3.0 / 2.0. Thunderbolt 4 Cable Short that can reach 40Gbp transfer speed: can be used with an external hard drive to achieve measured read and write speeds of up to 2600+MB/S supporting the transfer of music movies or entire seasons of TV shows in seconds with a speed of 40Gbps. Capable of meeting basic transfer needs and providing you with efficiency for work and play! Up to 240W Short USB C Cable charging speed
USB 4.0 cables: SIKAI CASE usb c short cable is the standard PD 3.1 protocol can quickly charge your device whether it is cell phones computers or power bank and other high-powered devices charging are no obstacles short cable is more suitable for use with power bank charging more convenient. No more troubles with long tangled lines simple cable providing high-speed charging speed. Please ensure that your charging device can reach the charging power! Enjoy 8K video with the docking station thunderbolt 4 cable: When paired with the docking station you can achieve expansion while also enjoying the highest picture quality display but also during this period charging data transfer will not be delayed the picture quality can reach 8k@60hz but need to ensure that your input device can support the refresh rate to ensure the correct use of the cable! USB 4.0 compatibility just got more comprehensive: for millions of computers tablets smartphones drives cameras monitors docks card readers eGPUs PCIe expansion external SSDs RAID storage and other accessories. Connect to 8K Thunderbolt or USB-C displays certified to safely deliver up to 240 watts of power/charge from docks adapters and other devices.