240W Leading Fast Charging Tech When our USB C to USB C cable paired with a compatible charger it reaches the maximum power supported by the device supporting up to 240W (48V/5A) power supply. Within the next 5 to 10 years this USBC to USBC fast charging cable can completely meet the demands of fast charging and could charge virtually any USB-C device from phones and accessories to gaming laptops. Support 8K UHD DisplaySupport ultra HD video resolution 40Gbps bandwidth allows single 8K@60Hz outputs or dual 4K@60Hz video 40Gbps speed cables are suitable for eGPU and dual 4K UHD display scenarios.

40Gbps Data TransferData transfer speed up to 40Gbps. This USB4 Cable can copy 14 hours of HD video or 25 000 HD photos within one minute at speeds up to 40 Gbps.
NOTE: Data transfer speed still depend on what port you are using with it. Bandwidth up to 20Gbps for Gen2; Bandwidth up to 40Gbps for Gen3. Wide CompatibilityThe usb c data cable support Mac book Pro iMac iMac Pro Mac book Air It is compatible with all Thunderbolt 4 devices and backward compatible with thunderbolt 3 USB4 USB 3.1 & 3.2 such as PC/NB Storage Devices Mobile Phone Game console Wearable devices External SSD eGpu USB-C Docking Station. What You GetUSB-C to USB-C cable and reliable worry-free 18-month warranty We have faith in our cable and Service Support.