Use active crystal. WIMA output filter. Independent DAC framework. Multi-stage capacitor decoupling. With the 4007 diode to prevent reverse design.
SNR 112db,
Distortion: -93db, Direct output 2V RMS audio voltage, Distortion: THD +
N: < 0.006 % (RL = 10 k). Finished board can be used directly. ES9023 Introduction ES9023 is a 24bit stereo audio digital-analog conversion chip (DAC), integrated chip 2Vrms output drive op amp. Using the advanced SABRE digital-to-analog conversion technology, this chip set the best sound quality, cost-effective in one, making it an ideal choice for digital-analog conversion. ES9023 internal use of patented technology Hyper-flow (Hyperstream) architecture and time-domain jitter elimination technology, so that it can achieve jitter-free recording level of sound quality, dynamic range of 112dB. As the chip integrated charge pump can produce negative voltage, ES9023 can be a single power supply under the reference ground directly output 2Vrms, eliminating the DC voltage isolation of the coupling capacitor. Moreover, the output amplitude can be set according to actual needs, through the resistance to less than 2Vrms level. Switching machine noise can also be fully suppressed.
Package Included: 1*PCM2706 + ES9023 Fever Level Audio DAC Sound Card