Incorporates advanced technology for better measuring; Comes with a travel case/pouch; Cuff fits small to large arms; Jumbo size systolic and diastolic pressure displays with color backlightsIdeal for health care professionals; Easy to use setup buttons for easy interface; 1 touch button to detect and record blood pressure automaticallyColor-coded display for normal, elevated or high blood pressures; 5 inches LCD display with 3 color backlights; Clear and jumbo on-screen display numbers; 1 button touch automatic start, automatic display and automatic shutdownFollow the instruction booklet for proper step-by-step blood pressure check; Always take your left arm blood pressure as your heart is on the left; Wait 5 minutes before repeating the measurementMoney Back Guarantee.

Includes 1 blood pressure monitor, 1 wide-range universal cuff, a premium storage pouch, 4 AA batteries and a quick instruction manual. Free Amazon Prime shipping