Product name:USB 2 in 1 Sound Card.
Output Channel:2 Channel.
Input Channel:2 Channel/
Working Current:=38mA.
Output Signal to Noise Ratio:=93dB.
Input Signal to Noise Ratio:=90dB.
Output THD+N:=-70dB/=0.0316%.
Input THD+N:=-84dB/=0.0006%.
Frequency Response:20Hz-20kHz.
Sampling Rate:44.1/48K@16bits.

Sound Converter,Single Hole/Double Hole.3 Hole in one,Plug and Play,Free Drive.

Alloy shell,Excellent Material,Efficient Heat Dissipation Solid and Durable.

Happy to Share,Support Dual Audio Port at the same time share your happiness and music.

Support the National Standard OMTP,Solve the Problems of phone only have accompaniment background sound invalid.

Highly compatible,Compatible with a variety of systems many USB/audio equipment.

Stereo Sound Quality,High-fidelity sound pure,Noise reduction design to avoid transmission interference Restore the music soundtrack.

Strong Chip,HuaXinC-Media(HS-100BChip),Clear sound without distortion.

Packing list:
1 x USB 2 in 1 Sound Card