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Hydraulic Long Life Bearing


lower operating noise and improve efficiency;


Excellent balance of performance and quietness;


Hydraulic Long life bearing up to over 40000Hrs;


No oil leak ,makes sure the required cooling&minimizes the vibration.

  • Size: 4.72*4.72*0.98inch
  • Noise: 22-38 dBA
  • Connector: 4 Pin PWM
  • Speed: 800-2200RPM±10%
High Pressure Enhancement Blade Design

Airflow reverse diversion ,stronger wind pressure;

Airstream will be concentrated and penetrating;

Fresh air come in/out smoother,reduce lower noise.

120mm fan with 4 Pin PWM Function

Speed can be adjusted from 800RPM to 2200RPM;

Mainboard will adjust fan speed according to inner temprature of pc case.

High Airflow Enhancement Design

Full speed high airflow 2200RPM: 75CFM;

Lowest speed silent airflow 800RPM: 40CFM;

Supports Automatic Motherboard Speed Control.

Dimension 120*120*25mm 120*120*25 mm 120*120*38 mm 120*120*25mm
Dimension 4.72*4.72*0.98inch 4.72*4.72*0.98inch 4.72*4.72*1.5inch 4.72*4.72*0.98inch
Airflow 70.5-106CFM 38.5CFM 147.93CFM 70.5-106CFM
Speed 600-3000 RPM±10% 800-1600RPM ±10% 3500RPM ±10% 600-3000 RPM±10%
Connector 4Pin PWM 4PIN PWM +3PIN ARGB D Type 4PIN 4Pin PWM
Bearing Type Hydraulic Hydraulic Dual Ball Hydraulic
Noise 43dBA 23dB 51dB 43dBA
Voltage 12V 12V 12V 12V
Packing 1PCS 3 PCS 1PCS 1PCS