The Apevia Premier 80+ Gold Efficiency Semi-Modular RGB Gaming PSU line of power supplies is available in 650W / 850W / 1000W wattage options and brings a stylish design while providing form and function to your system to suit your needs. It supports the newer ATX 12v2.3 standard and single rail setup. Boasting a cool 135mm RGB fan, it adds a nice glow to any computer. The Premier line also uses a semi-modular cable setup, allowing you to use only the connectors that you need. No excessive tucking of wires required. Just put the unused plugs away for future use. It also uses Active PFC, with a 99% factor correction, boosting performance and saving energy. No toggle switch included, the power supply automatically switches between 110V and 230V depending on the power grid its attached to. 80+ Gold certified. Added attention to detail features an imprinted Apevia logo and a unique vent design on the power supply for a premium touch!
There are 366 selectable lighting modes which includes RGB Cycle, Breathe Cycle, Breathe Mode, RGB Mode, Solid Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Orange, White, Off Mode + more with a simple press of a button on the back of the PSU!